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  1. Easy Shop

    EasyShop is a powerful & responsive Joomla! Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension which is built based on the standard Joomla! MVC structure and UIkit 3 with many great features, user friendly and easy to customize. You simply install it and try to add a new product just over 30 seconds.

    Core features

    • Responsive design
    • Ajax checkout page
    • Unlimited categories
    • Unlimited brands
    • Unlimited products
    • Unlimited tags
    • Unlimited options (variants)
    • Unlimited products custom fields
    • Unlimited system emails
    • Multiple currencies
    • Multiple languages
    • Multiple pricing for products
    • Multiple images with powerful media manager
    • System discounts: products/coupons/orders
    • Difference images for options (variants)
    • Payment methods
    • Shipping methods
    • Checkout address via custom fields
    • Powerful media/image manager
    • Optional disable add to cart
    • Export orders data to CSV file
    • Back-end powerful dashboard
    • Back-end create/edit/delete orders
    • Back-end system logs
    • Front-end customer page
    • Front-end track order
    • Front-end unlimited tabs (based on groups fields)
    • Smart SEF URL without ID
    • Snippets integration
    • And many other/upcoming features...

    Core Addons

    • Module products: list/grid/carousel
    • Module cart: dropdown cart/fly in cart
    • Module currencies: inline/dropdown
    • Module tags
    • Module addon buffer
    • Module Search
    • Payment offline: cash on delivery/bank transfer/collect card (since 1.0.1)
    • Module categories/brands (since 1.0.3)

    Free Addons

    • Addon plugin WishList
    • Addon plugin Comparison
    • Addon plugin Related: list/grid/carousel
    • Addon plugin Recaptcha
    • Other addons are upcoming...

    Technical features

    • Based on Joomla! MVC standard
    • Based on Joomla! trigger hooks
    • Based on Joomla! JLayout
    • Based on modern UIkit 3 framework
    • Based on JQuery (UI) and Ajax
    • JoomTech! UKUI framework
    • EasyShop JQuery inline validate
    • EasyShop JQuery card validate
    • EasyShop system libraries
    • EasyShop system cron jobs
    • Owl Carousel v2.2.1
  2. GeopIP for EasyShop

    EasyShop GeoIP provides country-level geographic IP services using MaxMind's GeoLite2 database. It will track the location of customers to know from which city/country they are coming from based on their IP.

    Key features

    • Detect country from back-end system logs
    • Auto dettect country from registration
    • Track the customers's country of their orders
    • Sell products in difference countries
  3. SPiD

    This package allows you to login into your Joomla! system using SPID, the Public Digital Identity System for access to online services of Italian Public Administrations.

    Requires simplespidphp-pasw Library

  4. JMG Feature Box

    This modul adds a feature box with a title, icon, description, coloured background, background image or background youtube video.

  5. Yoti

    Yoti is a digital identity platform that allows users to log in to your Joomla site—simply, securely and password free! Using a combination of our free identity app and our web-based dashboard, we verify customer details against government issued ID documents before securely sending their details to you. You could learn more on Yoti website:


    • Faster login using your Yoti App
    • Automatic login to create blogs with ease
    • No need for passwords
    • Remember me functionality
    • Ability for user to link and unlink Joomla Account to Yoti Account


    For a more detailed explanation please go to our github page at:

    For further support please feel free to email us at:

    For FAQ please go to our FAQs page at

    Installation Instructions

    We have a few simple steps we need you to fill before you get started:

    • Download the Yoti app and add at least one ID document (either your passport or driving licence) so that we can confirm your name, date of birth and photo.

    • Create an application and decide what attributes you would like the end user to share.

    • Log in to the admin console of your Joomla website. e.g.

    • Navigate to at Extensions-> Manage -> Install and do one of the following:

      • click Install from Web link and Search for Yoti
      • click Upload Package File and upload the downloaded zip file from this page.
      • you can also Install from URL or Install from folder
    • Install and enable Yoti login module and Yoti - User profile plugin.

    Component Setup

    To set Yoti up follow the instruction below:
    1. Navigate on Joomla to the Components-> Yoti (details in Yoti Components settings below).
    2. Navigate to Extensions -> Modules, search for Yoti Login module and enable it.
    3. Navigate to Extensions -> Plugins, search for Yoti - User Profile plugin and enable it.

    Yoti Components Settings

    You will be asked to add the following information:

    • Yoti App ID is unique identifier for your specific application.

    • Yoti Scenario ID Used to render the inline QR code.

    • Yoti SDK ID is the SDK identifier generated by Yoti Dashboard in the Key tab when you create your app. Note this is not your Application Identifier which is needed by your client-side code.

    • Company Name this will replace Joomla wording in the warning message which is displayed on the custom login form.

    • Yoti PEM File is the application pem file. It can be downloaded only once from the Keys tab in your Yoti Dashboard.

    Please do not open the pem file as this might corrupt the key and you will need to create a new application.


    For any questions or support please email Please provide the following the get you up and working as quick as possible:

    • Computer Type

    • OS Version

    • Screenshot